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Welcome to NeoDawgs Paintball!

All events take place in Northern Indiana. For more information send us an , or visit the forums.

NeoDawgs paintball
Some of the regulars shown, not listed in any particular order: (Top) Admiral, Rampage, Mindwyrm, Tierod, Phoenix, Spitfire, BlackMagick, (Bottom) Killer, Locronos, Deathstick, Archer, Crimson Mist, Nexus, Suicidal Soldier and Coptor

This site has been provided as a resource for NeoDawgs players, as well as otherswho would like to play, for information in regards to our paintball matches.

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Play Woodsball

We play on a field of our choosing. We play, typically not sheltered by bunkers of air, but by what's around us. Trees, barns, small hills and even the occasional abandoned vehicle.

Have you ever laid in the prone position, your ammo pods are empty, it's getting dark and your inching up a small incline? At the top is a fallen tree, your enemy lay in wait on the other side - and you know it. You know because he is a heavy gunner, equipped with a fully automatic piece of devastation that is sending balls of paint over your head, close enough that you can hear them cutting the air at 280 fps. He is right on the other side, inching towards you, as you are towards him.

Have you ever crawled through tall grass and briars as your heart pounded while you stopped to let enemies pass while you remain undetected? Or sat alonside of an open road, obscured by weeds, as the other team advanced towards your base, and you flanked them and took them out or watched them run?

With woodsball you learn to use everything around as cover. Imagine three teams - two standard groups on the lookout for each other - and one opposing sniper squad that's hiding and watching for anything that moves. Sometimes no one will notice a barrel protruding from the over-grown wire fence to the side, and sometimes one may not notice what lay before them until they step down and hear the quiet click of a mine that is about to erupt.

Rain, sunshine - and smoke... It's more than bunkers filled with air. It's the inner child that always loved to play 'army men'. Whether you play by the motto of 'One Shot, One Kill', or 'Every Shot Counts' it is what drives you.

Blondy Girl
NeoDawgs Indiana Paintball and Games

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