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Who are the NeoDawgs?

NeoDawgs started, in it's current form, in 2004. It is a joint effort of the former teams Neo-CTF and US-Dawgs. Our members are located throughout Northern Indiana. The size of our group has changed over time, currently with 10 plus regular players, though we've had more and less.

NeoDawgs is a multi-team clan (or guild, if you prefer) geared towards seasonal activities. Warmer season means time for getting outdoors. This means it's Paintball season! On the other hand, when it's just too cold (so cold that your balls freeze - uh, paintballs, please) - then it's time for gaming in the virtual world! That means LAN and WAN parties!!

Of course, it's not all about shooting each other, either. It's also about getting together and shooting the bull. We're more than clan members. That's why we chose to keep it local. We've created a unique opportunity to make new friends that we can get together with and act as a team.

The items sold on this site, as well as the ads on this site, are to keep this site running. We never sell information such as email addresses, names, etc. We also detest the use of spyware, adware or anthing of the kind. You will not find that here.

For those just surfing by, we're all about harmless entertainment. The site is geared to be mostly family friendly, since we are about bringing family and friends together. For those local to us, we're about community, teamwork and brotherhood.

* Site Shutdown
* Paintball - Whats that?
* Neodawgs get together
* Colts at the Superbowl!
* New Year's Eve 09-10

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NeoDawgs Indiana Paintball and Games

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